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Rodney Andrilenas

He liked being called 'Hot Rod' -
The Andrelinas family were active as volunteers and my mother who was the

director of the volunteer bureau at united way asked me if I knew him -


Rod was genuinely warm and ready to be friends with all...a kind hearted
soul who had personal pride in his accomplishments and took special interest
in others as well...

Glad to have known him...kind of a bummer to find
out yet I am one of the lucky ones who was touched by his kind
soul...presence beyond the physical form...

Matt Larsen
Gail Asphy Cross  

Gail was my BFF of all time. From the halls of RHS to the experiences of life, and more...she kept me in line, and was always positive no matter what she was going through. She was one of my models when I led a fashion shoot for the RHS newspaper; and we posed for a many a photos, thereafter. When she and her family (Eric and the three kids) moved to Georgia during the 90s, it was a pleasure seeing her smile again. When they returned to Seattle, I saw her only one more time during a visit. Gail was a beautiful soul, and remains so as she rests in eternity. You are not forgotten, as it warms my heart to remember you!
Anita Canada-Egwim            click on image to enlarge

Larry Auger  
Died January 9, 2004.
Michael Calloway
Sammie Harbour

Ramsey Hare  

"And our days our few and brief like grass, like flowers, blown by the wind and gone forever." - 1979 RHS Yearbook

Tyson Helfenberger  

Died in 1984

Paul Holmes  

"A gentle giant..with a heart of smiles at the an eternal slumber" - Gregory Nalbandian 1980 RHS Yearbook

Phillip Kashmark


Robert McAvoy  

Robert was in several of my classes in high school. I remember that he was a HAM radio operator, and could use his hand-held to access the telephone system! We had a lot of fun with that skill. I will be forever grateful for him inspiring me to get my Amateur radio license!

Robert died in 2001 due to injuries sustained from a multiple car accident on I-5 near Kelso, WA.

John Bell

Christopher Meyer   
Stacy Morgan  
Died in 1995
Scott Nelson   

 Died in Aug 1996

Eian Orr  
"There's sunshine in the heart of me, my blood sings in the breeze; the mountains are a part of me, I'm fellow to the trees. And every star shall sing to me...its song of liberty; and every morn shall bring to me...its mandate to be free. In every throbbing vein of me...I'll feel the vast Earth-call; O body, heart and brain of me..praise Him who made it all!" - 1980 RHS Yearbook
John Passantino

John was everybody’s friend. Despite any situation John found himself in, a cross word never came from him. We are all touched by his humor and his grace, and the world is so much the better for having known him. And to John’s wife, whom I never had the honor of meeting, I can only say that from viewing photographs of you two together, it’s clear you made him very happy and his journey complete.  

To our friend and our classmate: John, you are gone from us, but not forgotten. 

- Randall Yamanaka

Dale Smith    Died December 29, 2007 in Silver Spring, MD. Remembrances were directed to the National Diabetes Foundation in memory of Mr. Dale Eric Smith.
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