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Email 9

posted Jul 12, 2010, 12:19 PM by Mike Mott   [ updated Jul 12, 2010, 12:22 PM ]

Howdy Roughriders –

Well here we are on the verge of our Three day reunion experience. There is a lot going on - The enclosed attachment is a PDF invitation/itinerary regarding the whole weekend’s activities…If you cannot open this, it is posted on the website (

But there is more – truly. These places to go and things to do are simply to facilitate the real reason we are getting together. A school class of individuals who were once familiar with each other has grown into a group of well seasoned souls who have experiences to share.

Connecting with each other is the foundation of what is likely to be the last of the big reunion bashes we have. Although this weekend is not about the festivities, they sure make it more fun. SO – your class assignment is related to life's experiences and we’ll have a little fun doing so.

Class Assignment I –

Prior to coming into any of the reunion events this weekend, have three things prepared to share about yourself. Two of them true experiences that people may not know about you and one that is a complete bluff.

We will all be sharing these this weekend and when people share theirs with you, see if you can spot the BS. Keep track of how many bluffs you call correctly. There will be a memorable prize for the individual who ‘spots’ the most phony experiences.  

Class Assignment II –

In Hollywood they call it buzz – whatever it is called in our neck of the woods, what each of us is assigned to accomplish is contacting a classmate or even several. See if they are coming to any of the weekend’s festivities. IF they were are not planning on coming, gently remind them that this is an opportunity to capture – like a graduation ceremony or a friend’s wedding. A whole lot of authentic fun including Dancing Under the Stars.

IF the reason for their not coming is the timing is not very good for their finances (this economy has created a lot of bad timing), make sure they contact – this is a discrete email address that is set up to distribute the gifted tickets shared by anonymous donors. Let them know there classmates definitely want them to come.

Photo Sharing:

One more VERY cool thing before signing off. A photo sharing account has been set up for ALL of us to load our reunion photos up on to. These digital pictures that all of us will post are to be able to be viewed by all our classmates so as to share the experience with those whose life circumstances would not allow them to attend and for those who came to keep the experience going.

Contact to get the details on how to share your photos. It is SUPER easy and will offer a lot of sustaining value. Thank you.

We are looking forward to seeing you all this weekend!

The Reunion Committee

Email 8

posted Jun 18, 2010, 5:30 AM by Mike Mott

Howdy Roughriders!

We are only 10 days away from our big party weekend…

Part I – Class Itinerary:

It is OFFICIAL – We have a familiar venue for all three of our reunion stops…

1)   Friday the 25thMostly Grads night at The Duchess – from 7:30pm till? – We benefit from the owner’s loyalty to RHS (Boyd Hansen, Class of ’69) and he is going to staff up for the night and will let us monitor the volume for our comfort.

2)   Saturday the 26thThe Woodland Park Zoo’s Rain Forest Pavilion welcomes us all from 7:00pm until 12:30AM for a night of fun and frolic. Great food, Music and a few Surprises as well as Dancing Under the Stars – all on a Full Moon night – Howl!

3)   Sunday the 26thRHS ‘Old School’ Tour & Family Potluck Picnic begins at 11AM @ RHS then just a few blocks to the Cowen Park picnic site (noon until whenever). Gabbing, grubbing and goofing off in spectacular fashion at the familiar location. This is an occasion to share your favorite picnic treat and our Next Generation’s Smiles.

Part II - Class Assignment:

Because we are far from done making our mark and/or making a difference; What are some great ‘Bucket List’ experiences you want to aim for to accomplish by the time our next reunion comes around?

Part III – Sharing Project:

Some of our classmates have been affected by the economy more than others and a number of our classmates have contributed to anonymously share the Main Event tickets with fellow Roughriders.

Friends, If you would like to attend but the cost is prohibitive, please email so the connection can be made and we can enjoy your presence at the reunion party!

Lastly, the website will have addresses and maps to the venues as well as the continuing opportunity to buy your event tickets at

We all are looking forward to seeing you there – Until then, enjoy!

The Reunion Committee

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Email 7

posted Jun 14, 2010, 5:06 PM by Mike Mott

Howdy Roughriders,

Summer is almost here and with the solstice comes celebration – at times some peculiar celebrations are witnessed – all in good fun though.  One celebration we all have on our calendar is the first Saturday following the ringing in of summer (June 26th).

Some of the ‘peculiarities’ we have planned at the Woodland Park Zoo are: handshakes, hugs and high fives – catching up and a fair bit and perhaps connecting for the first time with the wonderful people we all have becomes since our days at RHS.

More goodies include: plenty wholesome food, treats and non-alcoholic beverages, humor, frolic and random silliness as well as Dancing Under the Stars on a Full Moon night – Howl! The next day includes the RHS tour and Class Picnic – You will certainly leave filled with all the love you can handle.

Remember to share the event with classmates you know how to get a hold of (send them to: <>) and if you can wrangle a little extra so other classmates can attend thatwould be
awesome (email:


Identifying via music through the ages:

     Graduation – Freebird (Self explanatory)

     10 yr Reunion – Who Are You? (Another way of asking who am I?)

     20 yr Reunion – Finding My Way (Hitting the Stride)

     25 yr Reunion – Stray Cat Strut (A few ‘cats’ got together – nothing planned)

     30 yr Reunion - ______________ (Fill in the blank – let us know what you think fits here…)

We are SO looking forward to seeing you on the 26th – Until then, enjoy!

*The Reunion Committee*

PS - We will include paying our respects to those classmates who no longer are living. Please let us know if you know of someone who should be included in this homage. Their memory is a contributing part of our legacy and we truly value your input.

Site Updates 061410

posted Jun 14, 2010, 4:59 PM by Mike Mott   [ updated Jun 14, 2010, 5:01 PM ]

Added more Middle and Grade school photos, added more to Fun Stuff, increased price on tickets.

Email 6

posted Jun 5, 2010, 6:38 AM by Mike Mott

Howdy Roughriders!

Such a short time now before our evening of looking back – a LONG way back that is (although some of our classmates look to have actually graduated much later than others – how’s that anyway?)

On this subject of looking back, many things have changed in our society. Home computers deliver the mail, Social Media is a BIG thing, 300+ TV stations and SUV’s are everywhere – there is plenty more.

Your Class Assignment: Share what you tell today’s young people about what life was like in your youth. What do you tell them that they have that we do not, etc. – you know, the proverbial “I walked 10 miles up hill to school everyday – BOTH WAYS!” that generations before us proudly shared. Feel free to embellish!

Assignment ‘Part II’: Help locate RHS 1980 Classmates. Our efforts have dug up roughly two thirds of those who were in our year. We have quite a party coming up with Great food, connecting/reconnecting with classmates, plenty of silliness and ‘Dancing Under the Stars’ – all under a Full Moon at the Woodland Park Zoo after hours on Sat. June 26th.

The event at The Rain Forest Pavilion is going to be a real kick and all our classmates who want to attend will, provided they know…That is where you come in. It is time NOW to contact your fellow classmates and chat up the event.

SO, your Assignment is to make sure all our classmates you are able to reach DO know and send them to the website ( so they can get their tickets and/or so they can share the event with others  who would love to come but cannot afford it (

Will your work will be graded? – maybe so Roughriders, maybe so…It certainly will be rewarded – that’s for sure. See you at the party!

The Reunion Committee

PS - Thanks to Matt Larsen for putting these emails together!  Almost 100 people have purchased tickets, we're not quite to the break-even point, so please, get your tickets ASAP. 

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Email 5

posted Jun 5, 2010, 6:36 AM by Mike Mott

Howdy Roughriders,

June is here and we all are looking forward to our happening on the last weekend this month. Read through to the bottom as there is important news to share…

Before that, here is your Class Assignment:

Send us the answers to this Life Experience poll…

Mother’s – How long were you in labor with your first child? ____________

Biggest baby at birth (weight)? _______________

Men – The longest you have ever stayed awake for? __________ Work or Party? _________

 Ever get caught ‘passing wind’ in an elevator? _________/Embarrassed or Proud? _________

Everyone - Farthest traveled for a concert? _________________ (Values test)

Funniest Movie? ___________________ (a Class full of Sick-O’s = interesting results)

Strangest ‘food’ eaten? _______________________ (Oh my Gosh!)

How long married? _________________ (Back to sanity – for now)

We will anonymously share some of the answers at the reunion.

Say, regarding the Main Event on the 26th: It did not seem prudent to hire a turn-key operation to run things so we are in need to some help. Our Decorations Coordinator and our Volunteer Coordinator will delegate all the offers to help we will get. Let us know if you’d are available to arrive a bit early for putting the room together or if you can assist with break down after. Your contribution will be truly valuable.

Also, here is your important news. There were delays in getting addresses for our classmates and we only just now sent out the mailed invitations.  That said, we need to get classmate commitments by June 12 so we can order enough food & beverages for the event. SO, we are keeping the ‘Early Bird’ open until then.

People WILL be able to buy tickets at the door but they will definitely be $90.00 and if too many people do that, supplies may be short. Thus, it is TIME now for us all to contact our other classmates and make sure they are aware as well as direct them to the website so they can get details and buy tickets.

A list of those planning on attending has been posted on the home page.  It will be updated soon - we are now over 95 people.

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The Reunion Committee

Site Updates

posted May 28, 2010, 12:20 PM by Mike Mott

Added class pictures all the way back to 1969.  Posted a list of who's coming on the home page.

Email 4

posted May 28, 2010, 11:54 AM by Mike Mott

Howdy Roughriders!

We have been having some fun leading up to our special evening – there really has been quite a bit of input and favorable remarks…keep the buzz going!

Before we let you know how you can help in the celebration, your assignment is to go back in time…Now with this line from The Police’s tune in your head “Young teacher - the subject - of school girl’s fantasy…” Answer the following question:

Who was the most attractive teacher/counsellor in school?

1)   Mrs. Kodama

2)   Mr. Chambers

3)   Mrs. Notduerft

4)   Mr. Cutler

5)   Mr./Mrs.___________


Now – How are you going to help? – here’s how…The Rainforest  Pavilion will need a decorations planner as well as helpers. Most of this will be a "day of event" commitment that will not interfere with your enjoyment of the event – actually, it will help you enjoy it more because there will be lots of help and your contribution will help things go the way you envision the way it should be.

So – assignment ‘B’ is that we need to hear from you right away if you have a talent for making the room look the way a Roughrider event should. Those who only have helping in them, let us know as soon as you can as we need to hear from you too. It’ll be fun.

Lastly, we also will need a Volunteer Coordinator so all the masses of helpers will have a unified plan of attack. If you are a natural leader (we know you're out there) let us know.

One last thing. There are ‘Early Bird’ tickets left. Save while the price is purchased before June 1st are still only $75.00 so take advantage of this opportunity!  If you have yet to do so, go to the web site ( and reserve your place at the event today.


Several items have been added to the web site:

     R.I.P. was changed to In Memoriam and is being maintained by John Bell, thanks John!

     FAQ was created, check it out.

     Donations are coming in, support is here.

Also Help Us Locate missing grads, go here:, then get those missing Roughriders over to so they can be part of the fun!


The Reunion Committee


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Email 3

posted May 22, 2010, 3:36 PM by Mike Mott

Hello Roughriders,

It’s Saturday Survey time!

Which of the following movie titles are you able to relate with most 30 years after your RHS experience?

A)   Taxi Driver (For those soccer moms/dads among us)

B)   Singles (Self explanatory)

C)   Transformers (A Mid-life U-turn was needed)

D)  Planes, Trains and Automobiles (Just can’t keep still)

E)   Bucket List (Keeping sane via life’s experiences) OR

F)   _____________ (Your own title here and why)

Let’s hear your responses!

Also, go to to help find missing classmates!  We want all our friends to know about June 26th at the Woodland Park Zoo’s Rainforest Pavilion – Tickets available on the site.  Of roughly 460 classmates we have located around 230.  Keep the leads flowing so we can continue to boost this number!


Your Reunion Committee

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Site Updates

posted May 20, 2010, 6:12 AM by Mike Mott   [ updated May 20, 2010, 6:13 AM ]

Updated "Fun Stuff" with some of Loree and Eric's treasures.  Lots more to come as time permits.

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