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Email 2

posted May 20, 2010, 6:11 AM by Mike Mott

Hello Roughriders,

With the 30th anniversary of Mount St Helens blowing its top, a lot of us have been day dreaming of the days gone by. Another reminder is the Spring fever that our teenagers have been showing in abundance. Were we really that keyed up?

The easy Seattle summers days are celebrated by so many arts/music festivals and this year has one more biggie for the class of 1980. Perhaps not as much of a blow out as May 18th 30 yrs ago, but we will definitely have a great time reconnecting with old friends, making special new connections, great food and of course Dancing all at the ‘wildest’ setting in town.

Class assignment: let the music committee know what you want to hear – email your requests well in advance at Food, music and an abundance of old friends - we are sure to find some flavor at the Woodland Park Zoo on June 26th!

Extra Credit Question: Which classmates got married after our 20th reunion?

Remember to pass the class website ( on to fellow classmates so they know where to get details, buy tickets and to check the Missing List to help find lost friends.

The Reunion Committee

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