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Email 5

posted Jun 5, 2010, 6:36 AM by Mike Mott

Howdy Roughriders,

June is here and we all are looking forward to our happening on the last weekend this month. Read through to the bottom as there is important news to share…

Before that, here is your Class Assignment:

Send us the answers to this Life Experience poll…

Mother’s – How long were you in labor with your first child? ____________

Biggest baby at birth (weight)? _______________

Men – The longest you have ever stayed awake for? __________ Work or Party? _________

 Ever get caught ‘passing wind’ in an elevator? _________/Embarrassed or Proud? _________

Everyone - Farthest traveled for a concert? _________________ (Values test)

Funniest Movie? ___________________ (a Class full of Sick-O’s = interesting results)

Strangest ‘food’ eaten? _______________________ (Oh my Gosh!)

How long married? _________________ (Back to sanity – for now)

We will anonymously share some of the answers at the reunion.

Say, regarding the Main Event on the 26th: It did not seem prudent to hire a turn-key operation to run things so we are in need to some help. Our Decorations Coordinator and our Volunteer Coordinator will delegate all the offers to help we will get. Let us know if you’d are available to arrive a bit early for putting the room together or if you can assist with break down after. Your contribution will be truly valuable.

Also, here is your important news. There were delays in getting addresses for our classmates and we only just now sent out the mailed invitations.  That said, we need to get classmate commitments by June 12 so we can order enough food & beverages for the event. SO, we are keeping the ‘Early Bird’ open until then.

People WILL be able to buy tickets at the door but they will definitely be $90.00 and if too many people do that, supplies may be short. Thus, it is TIME now for us all to contact our other classmates and make sure they are aware as well as direct them to the website so they can get details and buy tickets.

A list of those planning on attending has been posted on the home page.  It will be updated soon - we are now over 95 people.

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The Reunion Committee