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Email 6

posted Jun 5, 2010, 6:38 AM by Mike Mott

Howdy Roughriders!

Such a short time now before our evening of looking back – a LONG way back that is (although some of our classmates look to have actually graduated much later than others – how’s that anyway?)

On this subject of looking back, many things have changed in our society. Home computers deliver the mail, Social Media is a BIG thing, 300+ TV stations and SUV’s are everywhere – there is plenty more.

Your Class Assignment: Share what you tell today’s young people about what life was like in your youth. What do you tell them that they have that we do not, etc. – you know, the proverbial “I walked 10 miles up hill to school everyday – BOTH WAYS!” that generations before us proudly shared. Feel free to embellish!

Assignment ‘Part II’: Help locate RHS 1980 Classmates. Our efforts have dug up roughly two thirds of those who were in our year. We have quite a party coming up with Great food, connecting/reconnecting with classmates, plenty of silliness and ‘Dancing Under the Stars’ – all under a Full Moon at the Woodland Park Zoo after hours on Sat. June 26th.

The event at The Rain Forest Pavilion is going to be a real kick and all our classmates who want to attend will, provided they know…That is where you come in. It is time NOW to contact your fellow classmates and chat up the event.

SO, your Assignment is to make sure all our classmates you are able to reach DO know and send them to the website ( so they can get their tickets and/or so they can share the event with others  who would love to come but cannot afford it (

Will your work will be graded? – maybe so Roughriders, maybe so…It certainly will be rewarded – that’s for sure. See you at the party!

The Reunion Committee

PS - Thanks to Matt Larsen for putting these emails together!  Almost 100 people have purchased tickets, we're not quite to the break-even point, so please, get your tickets ASAP. 

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