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posted Jun 18, 2010, 5:30 AM by Mike Mott

Howdy Roughriders!

We are only 10 days away from our big party weekend…

Part I – Class Itinerary:

It is OFFICIAL – We have a familiar venue for all three of our reunion stops…

1)   Friday the 25thMostly Grads night at The Duchess – from 7:30pm till? – We benefit from the owner’s loyalty to RHS (Boyd Hansen, Class of ’69) and he is going to staff up for the night and will let us monitor the volume for our comfort.

2)   Saturday the 26thThe Woodland Park Zoo’s Rain Forest Pavilion welcomes us all from 7:00pm until 12:30AM for a night of fun and frolic. Great food, Music and a few Surprises as well as Dancing Under the Stars – all on a Full Moon night – Howl!

3)   Sunday the 26thRHS ‘Old School’ Tour & Family Potluck Picnic begins at 11AM @ RHS then just a few blocks to the Cowen Park picnic site (noon until whenever). Gabbing, grubbing and goofing off in spectacular fashion at the familiar location. This is an occasion to share your favorite picnic treat and our Next Generation’s Smiles.

Part II - Class Assignment:

Because we are far from done making our mark and/or making a difference; What are some great ‘Bucket List’ experiences you want to aim for to accomplish by the time our next reunion comes around?

Part III – Sharing Project:

Some of our classmates have been affected by the economy more than others and a number of our classmates have contributed to anonymously share the Main Event tickets with fellow Roughriders.

Friends, If you would like to attend but the cost is prohibitive, please email so the connection can be made and we can enjoy your presence at the reunion party!

Lastly, the website will have addresses and maps to the venues as well as the continuing opportunity to buy your event tickets at

We all are looking forward to seeing you there – Until then, enjoy!

The Reunion Committee

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