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Email 9

posted Jul 12, 2010, 12:19 PM by Mike Mott   [ updated Jul 12, 2010, 12:22 PM ]

Howdy Roughriders –

Well here we are on the verge of our Three day reunion experience. There is a lot going on - The enclosed attachment is a PDF invitation/itinerary regarding the whole weekend’s activities…If you cannot open this, it is posted on the website (

But there is more – truly. These places to go and things to do are simply to facilitate the real reason we are getting together. A school class of individuals who were once familiar with each other has grown into a group of well seasoned souls who have experiences to share.

Connecting with each other is the foundation of what is likely to be the last of the big reunion bashes we have. Although this weekend is not about the festivities, they sure make it more fun. SO – your class assignment is related to life's experiences and we’ll have a little fun doing so.

Class Assignment I –

Prior to coming into any of the reunion events this weekend, have three things prepared to share about yourself. Two of them true experiences that people may not know about you and one that is a complete bluff.

We will all be sharing these this weekend and when people share theirs with you, see if you can spot the BS. Keep track of how many bluffs you call correctly. There will be a memorable prize for the individual who ‘spots’ the most phony experiences.  

Class Assignment II –

In Hollywood they call it buzz – whatever it is called in our neck of the woods, what each of us is assigned to accomplish is contacting a classmate or even several. See if they are coming to any of the weekend’s festivities. IF they were are not planning on coming, gently remind them that this is an opportunity to capture – like a graduation ceremony or a friend’s wedding. A whole lot of authentic fun including Dancing Under the Stars.

IF the reason for their not coming is the timing is not very good for their finances (this economy has created a lot of bad timing), make sure they contact – this is a discrete email address that is set up to distribute the gifted tickets shared by anonymous donors. Let them know there classmates definitely want them to come.

Photo Sharing:

One more VERY cool thing before signing off. A photo sharing account has been set up for ALL of us to load our reunion photos up on to. These digital pictures that all of us will post are to be able to be viewed by all our classmates so as to share the experience with those whose life circumstances would not allow them to attend and for those who came to keep the experience going.

Contact to get the details on how to share your photos. It is SUPER easy and will offer a lot of sustaining value. Thank you.

We are looking forward to seeing you all this weekend!

The Reunion Committee