Q. Why was this site created?

A. To communicate with fellow classmates about the 30th reunion.

Q. Why did you use Google Apps for the site?

A. Google Apps is free for groups under 50 people.  It allows easy web site creation, secure database and email functionality.

Q. How long will the site be online?

A. We have no plans at this time to take it down any time in the near future.  As long as Google Apps is a viable option and remains free it will stay online.

Q. There are pictures of me on the site that I do not want there.  What do I need to do to get them taken down?

A. Send your request to admin@roosevelt1980.net with the exact URL where the photos exist and we will do our best to get them off the site.

Q. Nothing is free - what has the site cost so far?

A. The only cost to date for the site is to secure the domain roosevelt1980.net, about $20.00 per year.  If, after the 30th reunion, there are funds to support retaining the domain we will do so for as long as feasible.  If there is no funding to keep the domain then the site will revert to the Google Apps generic URL.

Have more questions?  Send them to admin@roosevelt1980.net and we will get them answered and posted here.

Last Updated: 5/25/10