Reserve your seats now! 

Tickets are $90.00 per person 

There are several ways to get your funds to us...


 here - accepts other PayPal accounts and Major Credit Cards.  
                                  Choosing this option will take you to the PayPal site, no credit card information is 
                                           retained on roosevelt1980.net - only PayPal gets this info.  If you have a PayPal
                                           account please use it - we will not incur credit card processing fees.


Please print this Form and mail it
with your check or money order made out to:

       Jennifer Force
       1416 NW 46TH ST, SUITE 105
       PMB 230
       SEATTLE WA  98107


If PayPal or Check is not the way you want
to pay you can email
 Greg Nalbandian - gnalbandian@roosevelt1980.net
and he will set up credit card payment through his business account.

Tickets are refundable if we are notified by 6/12/2010.  A $5.00 processing fee per ticket will apply.

This page last updated: 6/14/2010