It is the committee's vision that all classmates with a desire to attend the reunion, do so. We recognize during these turbulent times that not all of us have the financial means to attend this event which happens only once a decade. So we are remedying this situation by asking classmates with a little extra to contribute to a fund to assist other classmates in attending the reunion.
Here's how you do it. Go to the link on the left hand side of this website and click on "purchase" to make your contribution. There is a link to purchase one or two tickets.  Use these links or mail a check made out to Jennifer Force and on the memo line write "gifted tickets". Send your check to:
Jennifer Force
1416 NW 46th St, Suite 105
PMB 230
Seattle, WA 98107
Your gift will be used as follows:
1. It will pay for another classmate to attend the Saturday night function. S/he will be available to eat, dance, and share stories with us -- PRICELESS!
2. Should there be an overflow of contributions -- more money than people -- the excess will be placed in an account for seed money for our fortieth class reunion. Think interest!
3. If there is a shortfall, this money can be used to cover basic expenses. This is not likely as the committee has done a bang-up job of keeping costs low with volunteers and practicing solid fiscal responsibility throughout the planning process.
Thank you for your generosity! Go Roughriders
If You Are in Need of a Ticket
We want you to attend Saturday night with us, then let us know. The evening would not be complete without you. Most of us have experienced enough life now to appreciate the ebbs and flows within a household budget and don't want the lack of money to stand between you and this evening. If you need partial or full support in purchasing a ticket, email us at  A committee of three high-integrity individuals will do everything in their power to find a way for you to attend. Our interaction with you will be held in strict confidence. Some restrictions apply around the gift:
1. This gift is for tickets only, not other indirect expenses such as transportation or lodging.
2. The ticket is for classmates only, not spouses, partners, or guests.
That's about it. Please let us know by no later than June 15th.

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.  Winston Churchill

Last Updated: 5/30/10

We are working on a way to allow RHS alumni to donate to the reunion fund and receive in return, a place on the site to advertise (in a simple way) the business they are involved with.

So far this has been decided:  Minimum donation is $100.00 for a one line listing with contact info and a concise description of business.  At $500.00 you can sponsor a page on the site.  There is no maximum.  Donations can be anonymous. 

Several individuals have donated thousands of dollars to allow us to move forward with venue, tours and park reservations.  Please purchase your tickets as soon as possible.

Costs to date:

$1000.00 deposit for Rain Forest Pavilion (actual cost is $50.00 per person)
$275 for Roosevelt Tour (approximate - based on headcount)
$440 for Cowen Park ($250 of that is refundable deposit )
$15.00 Gold Membership (one person)
$19.95 Website Domain Registration (one year).
$50.00 Seatte School District grad list.
$20.00 Secret project for Reunion Night

Income to date:

33 tickets sold ($2417.97)


The Reunion Committee